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tarte gamme
Searching for a tart to add to your menu?
Look no further.
We’re the undefeated tart specialists and we have been for the last 30 years!”  

We make 100 % of our doughs,
creams and mousses in our facilities,
where we have succeeded in reproducing artisanal
methods for large-scale production.

tarte chef

- All of our tarts are made in our facilities using the finest ingredients: flour, butter, fresh eggs and milk.

- Many of our ingredients are locally sourced.

- Fruits for our tarts are selected when fully ripe for maximum flavour.

Our range of tarts is unique and refined,
and here are a few examples:

Rectangle separation bande bleu roseclair

tarte citron
The Sicilian lemon,
prized for its subtle taste, has the full flavour
of an ordinary lemon
but without the harsh bite.

AOP-certified Isigny crème fraîche is made from quality ingredients and is guaranteed to be free of additives or colourings.
Smooth and flavourful,
is the only choice for traditional Normandy-style tarts.
tarte isigny

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tarte croustillance

Avoiding sogginess can be a common challenge with tart pastry.
We’ve come up with the solution!

Our innovative pastry process does not rely on additives or preservatives, but rather superimposes two di erent types of dough. This technique guarantees that the crunch of our tart crusts will last. Thanks to this unique patented method, your clients can enjoy their tarts for an incomparable tasty experience. Most of our fully-baked tarts are made using this process and are preferred by many of our clients!


We are the only company to offer a selection of caramelised puff pastry- based products in strips and individual rectangles topped with various fruits. Our range is authentic, with a look that is both tasty and traditional.
tarte individuelle

Crunchy and soft puff pastry is currently trending in the food world. You will find it as a base in our four delicious mini-tarts, each with a minimum 30% fruit content to ensure a wholesome and simple good taste. You won’t find them anywhere else!

Tarts are also available in large sheets for maximum enjoyment! These sheets are intended for buffet service.
With 16 or 20 servings per sheet, they will quickly become a fix- ture at all of your parties.
tarte plaque

We o er more than 60 options to meet all of your needs: Pu pastry, sweet pastry, ready-to-bake or fully-baked doughs, individual or multi- portions, various shapes and sizes, classic or contemporary recipes—whatever your needs may be, you are sure to find the right product here.
For sure,
you will find
THE product to match your needs..

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