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specialite usa
Increasingly popular with consumers,
we offer a wide range
of English and American desserts.
These cakes and desserts are best-sellers and can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of day.
They are perfect for customers looking for something a little bit di erent.

Our range is broad and includes something for everyone.

specialite frais 1 et 2

• Our ultra-indulgent cheesecake is made using a traditional recipe, with a biscuit base and a smooth, rich and creamy filling. The vanilla cheesecake is particularly popular with our customers.

• A must-have in English co ee shops, caramel shortcake is the ultimate treat with its layer of sticky caramel sandwiched between a shortbread biscuit base and a coating of milk chocolate.

specialite carrot2 et 3

• In England, carrot cake is synonymous with tea time. Our version is truly exceptional! The secret: it is prepared in our English bakery with freshly grated carrots.

• Direct from the USA, our range includes the famous American brownie. These square-shaped desserts have a velvety texture and lovely chocolate colour that make them impossible to resist.

Rectangle separation bande bleu roseclair

specialite gluten

• To respond to growing consumer demand,
we now offer a range of gluten-free products.
This range has been hugely successful among health-conscious customers and includes the three core products: caramel shortcake, brownie and chocolate cake.

specialite geste

our two manufacturing site
favours “homemade”.
We make a point of honor to make our cakes by hand, according to the English and American recipes.
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