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It is common knowledge that the French
eating habits have become less and less rigid,
with more meals often being enjoyed
outside the home.   
On the sweet side of things, snacking have taken centre stage and have been given a tasty makeover!
Whether they are enjoyed as a light snack or as a special treat, sweet pastries are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. They are, of course, a hit with children at snack time, but adults can also indulge in a tasty break at any time of day.
Our expertise in pastry dough is well established, and we have created an ex- tensive range of products rich in butter and sugar that will bring back childhood memories for many.

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kit vichy

In addition to our iconic apple turnovers, our exceptional palmiers and our Nantes-style shortbread, our range has been diversified with the addition of trending products: classic Sacristain twists, unique paille pastry dessert sandwiches and bite-sized treats that will make you impatient for the next coffee break or snack on the go!

snacking moelleux
snacking chouquette

We have also revisited classic French pastries like the chocolate lava cake and Tarte Tatin, with mini-servings that pair perfectly with a “café gourmand”.

Want to surprise your customers?
Our highly indulgent “chouquette” puff,
sprinkled with pearl sugar, are meant to be enjoyed by the handful.
These tasty delights will leave no one indifferent.

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“ Indulge your clients
with these sure bets! 
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