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A must have of pastry chefs
and bakers;
this crisp,
tasty biscuit is well known everywhere.

Also called “Heart of France” or “Prussien”, the palmier is a type of puff pastry dessert.
The palmier’s origins are unclear. It was perhaps invented at the beginning of the 20th century in France. Its rounded shape reminding of a heart but in no way connected to Valentine’s Day! Rather, the shape is inspired by a palm frond.
Palmiers are found all around the world. They are sometimes referred to as “ears”; in Mexico they are called “orejas”; in Germany, “Schweineohren”; and in the USA, elephant ears. In Asia they are known as butterflies! In Puerto Rico they are dipped in honey.

palmier detail

These pastries are very simple to pre- pare with a puff pastry dough containing no less than 30% butter. Palmiers are then generously dusted with icing sugar.
When baked, they take on a lovely amber colour and their edges become delicately caramelised.
Because an all butter dough is used, the initially crunchy crust yields to a creamy texture in the mouth. Here and there, grains of sugar that haven’t been caramelised add crunch to every bite.

Palmiers can be enjoyed at any moment of the day; they are perfect on the go and work well with tea or coffee. In miniature version, they can be added to ice cream and all types of pastry.

palmier portrait

“ Crispy, lightly caramelised and light-tasting,
palmiers will be a hit with the whole family
most of all kids, who will be licking their fingers!
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