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Flan is a core French pastry.
It is a well-known favourite of dessert lovers everywhere.
A simple dish, it can be enjoyed
by people of all ages.
While flan is a typical French dessert, its popularity knows no borders; it can be found under different names and in many varieties. In Portugal it is known as “pasteis de nata”, in England as the custard tart, and in Italy as “pasticciotto”.
For a number of years, we have offered a range of flans categorized by size, shape and flavour, available ready-to-bake and fully-baked. These products are the result of our 30 years of pastry expertise.


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Our flan is prepared by the skilled hands of master pastry chefs using a traditional recipe: fresh eggs, milk and butter. We select only the finest ingredients to ensure the authenticity of this product and to satisfy even the most demanding pastry purists.
Our flan is sweet and mild-tasting. Containing over 60% milk and delicately flavoured with vanilla, its texture is incredibly smooth. Its caramelised surface and subtle aroma will tempt you even before you take your first creamy bite.

All of our expertise is on display in this ultimate gourmet product. Our industrial equipment has been specially adapted to meet our quality standards and aims to reproduce an artisanal method but industrially.


Our flan has received considerable success, due in large part to its one-of-a-kind gourmet recipe. The strength of this product lies in its versatility; whether plated and served as a dessert or eaten as a snack, flan is a treat for any moment of the day.

The French are spending less and less time at the table. As a result, restaurants are developing innovative strategies for snacks and take-away products. Our flan has been adapted to be eaten on the go, and has many selling points: it is easy to hold, great-tasting and comes in various portion sizes. What’s more, our flan is made with healthy ingredients using a traditional recipe.

Flan can be just as easily enjoyed as part of a take-away combo or at home. It can be served as is, or upgraded by those wishing to add a personalized final touch. It is al- ways a source of inspiration for restaurant owners and creative housewives. Topped with shredded coconut, melted chocolate or soft caramel, the humble flan can be tur- ned into a divine creation..

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Another reason for our flan’s success is the fact that it is enjoyed by a huge consumer base. Its mild vanilla taste is pleasing to children, who like its smooth dairy texture. It’s also a nos- talgic dessert. With the first bite, many adults are transported back to their childhood, a time when the family ga- thered around the table to enjoy tasty and traditional desserts.

Because of its nutritional value, our flan is also targeted at fitness-conscious consu- mers in search of a light snack. Rich in dairy, one portion of flan is equivalent to a glass of fresh milk.

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flan gerande

To add variety, we have enhanced our range with more elaborate recipes for adults. We have selected ingredients well known by consumers, such as Guérande salted caramel, Caribbean rum and pure origin chocolate.

In summary, flan has everything going for it, which is why our pastry chefs enjoy de- veloping recipes and diversifying product formats to meet every need.

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With our large selection,
you will surely find what you are looking for:
ready to bake, original-flavour flans, as well as chocolate-, cherry-, coconut- and prune-flavoured flans in various formats

- Our flans are available pre-sliced or whole, in rounds, strips or squares for individual servings.

- Our tropical-flavoured flans are very popular among our consu- mers looking for ingredients provenance.

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And if you don’t find a flan
to meet your needs in our extensive line, contact us and we’ll create one especially for you! ” 
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