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chou parisien
Dare to set the trend by
being creative with
parisian-style choux puff
We’re proud of being the only French firm to o er this trend-setting product: the Parisian-style Choux puff.
Why the name “Parisian”, even though it’s still quite uncommon in France? History doesn’t say, but you can fill in the gaps yourself. It ins- pires our Belgian, German and Dutch neighbours who are very fond of it and are not lacking imagination to give it a gourmet touch. We find it accompanied by all kinds of creams. Dare to be creative! Dare to be original! But remember that traditional custard and Chantilly cream are also wonderful with it.

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Unlike classic choux puff, which is kept very smooth to make it easier to glaze, this one is cooked in a dome to keep it moist, creating this unusually rough shape! Of course, you can always sprinkle it with icing sugar for an even sweeter effect.

Bigger than its mini, lunch, normal or even giant counterparts, the Parisian is a very generous choux pu of 92 mm and 14,7 g.
Available ambient, you can accompany it however you like, with cream or fruit. Don’t hesitate to try out the choux caramel recipe you’ll find in our brochure, it’s a knockout!
Let your imagination
run wild
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