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Cheesecake, a lovely dessert
that comes to us
from Ancient Greece
Yes, really! Although it immediately makes us think of our American friends, this cake occupied a place of honour at the early Olympic Games in Athens to help the athletes get their strength back. The product as we know it today came from a New York dairyman at the end of the 19th century, the creator of the famous cream cheese that gives its smoothness to the cake.

Since then, the original New York recipe has been available to everyone. Our New York Cheesecake, on a biscuit base with oat flakes, coconut and Graham biscuit crumbs, will make more than one mouth water!

For those with a sweet tooth, salted butter cara- mel and white chocolate swirls are added to the original recipe to create a top-class salted cara- mel cheesecake.
But our British friends do not need to envy the Americans, with their own original flavoured cheesecake on a crunchy shortcake base. Lemon or vanilla, it’s up to you!
A few hours thawing and it’s ready for you to serve. Whole or pre-cut, to help you manage your portion control.
An essential part of the American trend conquering the rest of the world: it’s simply... DELICIOUS !

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