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That French classic
Charlotte sponge has
English origins!
It owes its name to a dessert invented in honour of Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III of England. That was a kind of pudding made with fruit and a breadcrumb topping. Of course, like a good Frenchman, the chef Anto- nin Carême decided to revisit it in 1800, using a mould filled with sponge fin- gers and Bavarian cream. It was renamed “Charlotte à la parisienne” (Parisian-style charlotte) and then “Charlotte à la russe” (Russian-style char- lotte) when the same chef worked for Tsar Alexander of Russia.

Rectangle separation bande charlotte

But the taste and texture of the biscuits are more important than its name! Charlotte is a signature product in our range and we are proud to follow the tradition to the letter, allowing you to be creative, following your desires and inspiration.



The use of fresh eggs (30%) combined with a process respecting traditional know-how for a very fluffy structure and incomparably soft texture. To complete its authentic look, we sprinkle it with icing sugar: wonderful!

Available ambient, with 26 x 21 mm- long sponge fingers or frozen, with 23 x 21 mm-long sponge fingers.
With the topping, let your imagination run wild: use fruit or chocolate to satisfy any dessert lovers seeking authenticity.
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